unearth your magic.

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1. a plant possessing roots, stems, and leaflike fronds 

2. believed to be an ancient symbol for magic

align with your           truest nature

I am here to guide you in the process of discovering yourself  - one breath, one creation,
one moment at a time.

Together we will:
Explore. Meditate. Connect. Play. Create. Heal.

We will explore the practice of self-discovery through meditation, yoga, journaling, connection, creative expression, & magic.


Self-Love & Stillness:
A 30-Day Guide for
Creating a Home Meditation
& Self-Discovery Practice
Recorded Meditations
Guided Meditations to Practice in the Comfort of Your Own Home (Or Anywhere!)

Commission a Custom Art Piece!

Looking to bring a little inspiration to your life in the form of art? Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one, artwork for your home or office, or a branding element for your business, I got your back. If you're just looking to have some fun and see yourself as art or you're looking for some clarity and would like a creative intuitive reading in the form of a piece of art - I'm your girl. I can create a custom collage or digitally painted portrait just for you! All you need is to provide me with a photo for inspiration, and any other elements you'd like included in the piece, and I'll let my intuition take it from there. So fun! 

If you're looking for a print of one of my abstract pieces, feel free to reach out about any images in my gallery and I can get it printed for you at any size. OR just check out more of my work here:


Unearth Your Magic: the Tranquil Fern Podcast!

With each podcast episode, I guide you through stillness, movement, and ideas to ease you inward, allowing you to better know yourself and, therefore, BE yourself.


You already have everything you need within you. Let me help
illuminate the way. 

Hi, I'm Nicole - the founder of Tranquil Fern.




Nicky has a rare, authentic light within her. Working with her is a genuine pleasure, as she is at once beautifully grounded and highly sensitive and intuitive. Her meditations truly move the soul. I have no doubt that her bright light will uplift you and guide you home to your Self.

kim chestney //
author + founder of IntuitionLab

I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety, self-doubt and loneliness after moving to a new city and starting a new job. Nicky shared with me her recorded guided meditations and almost instantly, I was brought to necessary, relieving tears and my anxious symptoms began melting away. I return to Nicky’s meditations when I need a calming, authentic presence to make meditation a safe space rather than a chore (and this is often). Nicky has a gift for making self-compassion accessible by the way she presents her own journey and has most certainly been a force for change and growth in my personal life.

molly // client

I highly recommend Nicole’s guided meditations. Her soothing voice and gift for words takes you on a journey to the present and places of peace and beauty, helping you find and get to know your higher self within.

kerri // client

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