hi - i'm Nicole.
i’m an artist who is deeply inspired by nature, the cosmos, art of all forms, passionate people and sacred stillness. 

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Yoga and meditation are an essential part of who I am and how I live my life, and they very heavily influence all that I create. These practices have allowed me to fully step into myself as an artist, a guide, and a human. I am passionate about creating experiences and holding space for others to dive deep into self-discovery. In my own life, I am committed to bringing as much ease and joy into everything I do, and by sharing my art and the practices of yoga and meditation, I am able to spread that sentiment onto you. 


So whether I am creating a custom piece of art for you or you’re inspired by one of my original pieces or lost in the wonder of one of my poems or you allow me to guide you inward through meditation or yoga, I hope that I am able to reflect just a fragment of the magic that lives within you. My work is a reflection of the beauty I see in the world, and therefore, the beauty that exists in you.

At the very least, I hope to bring you a smile or two and maybe a moment of inspiration or peace. Together, through these vehicles of art and sacred stillness, let’s begin unearthing magic. Because it’s there. It’s already a part of you.

Can you feel it?

through my work with Tranquil Fern, my missions include:

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spreading empathy and inspiring kindness

making you feel less alone in your feelings and experiences 

bringing joy and cultivating ease

creating space for you to take even just one step closer to your truest self

⋒ encouraging you to care for our beautiful planet and all the beings that live on it

sparking creativity and inspiring more art

 and to simply leave the world a more beautiful and peaceful place for all of us

I believe that in order to change the world, we must each step into our truth and our unique magic. And I believe the first step for us to do that is to better get to know ourselves, in all of our forms. So my work with Tranquil Fern is meant to do just that. To use art, meditation, yoga, and other self-discovery practices as tools to get closer and closer to our most authentic existence, here and now, so that we may positively impact the world around us the way we are meant to.

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more about me
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Registered Yoga/Meditation Teacher (RYT200)

Certified Intuition Practitioner through Mystic Studio's Intuition Lab

Attuned Level II Reiki Practitioner

Received a Bachelors in Psychology from Penn State & a Masters degree, too!