Hi - I'm Nicole.
I like to think of myself as an artist holding space and creating experiences that provide opportunities for the self-discovery of others. 

So, what's my story? 


I discovered the practice of yoga in 2013 in an attempt to establish some sort of wellness routine. However, I did not expect that this practice would end up completely transforming my life and that it would, ultimately, bring me home to myself.  


After becoming certified as a yoga/meditation instructor, it was clear that my purpose on this planet was to share this practice in as many ways as I could. To create. To heal. To help guide others home to themselves - just like this practice has done for me - over and over again. 


I love exploring and learning more about various wellness practices, and I have a growing passion for teaching meditation, yoga, and self-care in particular. 


Writing is my gift. Creativity is my vehicle. Self-discovery is my passion. Sharing is my purpose.


Peace is my power.

I believe that with a little stillness, self-exploration, and passionate expression, everyone has the ability to alchemize their joy into magic. 

Hi. I am so glad you are here. Let's discover our joy. 

Nicole Dunlap // Founder 

Registered Yoga/Meditation Teacher (RYT200 from
Inhale Pittsburgh)

Certified Intuition Practitioner through Mystic Studio's Intuition Lab

Attuned Level II Reiki Practitioner

Received a Bachelors in Psychology from Penn State & a Masters degree, too!

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Pittsburgh, PA 

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