FREE Worksheet
& Guided Meditation!

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Everything you need already exists within you.

This free download includes a simple worksheet and a guided meditation, giving you the tools to amplify the magic that lives within, to create a little space for peace & to give your Self the tender, loving care that you deserve. 

Together, this worksheet & meditation

will allow you to:

✔️Reduce stress/anxiety in the mind and body

✔️Receive clarity around your life goals and purpose

✔️Increase inspiration and motivation to

create the life you desire

✔️Align with your Highest Self and your greatest potential

My Befriend the Healer Within worksheet offers a few quick, easy and powerful exercises that you can take with you into your life and practice as many times as you need to. Additionally, the included guided meditation is designed to take you to a place of stillness and clarity - a space from which you are fully able to connect to your truth and explore the silent magnificence of your soul. All of these exercises can be completed anywhere, anytime. There's no experience necessary,
and it's FREE!


So, what should you expect?

✔️Intention Setting Exercise

✔️Journaling Prompts

✔️Positive Affirmations

✔️Gentle Movement + Breathing Practice

✔️17-Minute Guided Meditation

✔️Self-Healing Ritual... & MORE!

One last thing...

I realize the word healer may stir up all kinds of feelings for you, but don't let the language fool you. Allow "healer" to mean whatever you'd like it to mean. Take what resonates, and leave what doesn't. This is your practice, so create it in a way that feels good for you - no matter what that looks like. Because you belong here. Yes, YOU. And you can benefit from this work. We all can. We all want to be the best version of ourselves, right? 


Open your mind. Open your heart. Take a few moments to slow down, get to know your Self and take care of YOU - mind, body, and soul. I can't think of a more wonderful way to begin.


What are you waiting for?!

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unearth your magic.