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Unearth Your Magic:
the Tranquil Fern Podcast!

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With each podcast episode, I guide you through stillness, movement, and ideas to ease you inward, allowing you to better know yourself and, therefore, BE yourself.

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Nicky has a rare, authentic light within her. Working with her is a genuine pleasure, as she is at once beautifully grounded and highly sensitive and intuitive. Her meditations truly move the soul. I have no doubt that her bright light will uplift you and guide you home to your Self.

kim chestney //
author + founder of IntuitionLab

I was experiencing a great deal of anxiety, self-doubt and loneliness after moving to a new city and starting a new job. Nicky shared with me her recorded guided meditations and almost instantly, I was brought to necessary, relieving tears and my anxious symptoms began melting away. I return to Nicky’s meditations when I need a calming, authentic presence to make meditation a safe space rather than a chore (and this is often). Nicky has a gift for making self-compassion accessible by the way she presents her own journey and has most certainly been a force for change and growth in my personal life.

molly // client

I highly recommend Nicole’s guided meditations. Her soothing voice and gift for words takes you on a journey to the present and places of peace and beauty, helping you find and get to know your higher self within.

kerri // client