11.11 Intuitive Message for the Moment

Hello beautiful human! You may notice, I’m writing this on November 11th, 2020. I just couldn’t resist getting deep with it on 11.11.2020. If you’re into numbers like me, you’ll get the significance of today’s date. Also, I just have to share - I sat down to write up some notes for this episode, and literally after writing the intro about today’s date, I glanced at the clock and it was 11:11. I mean, come on. You can’t make this shit up. Some serious alignment happening over here. Magic.

Anyway, I woke up feeling super connected today for whatever reason, so I thought it would be fun to do a little intuitive card reading for all of us today. For those of you who don’t know, I’m actually a certified Intuition practitioner. So I went through a certification training with Kim Chestney, who is a leading intuition expert, through her educational platform IntuitionLab. (She actually just released her newest book, Radical Intuition, last week - and I highly, highly recommend it!) Basically, I’ve done a lot of intuition development work (I’ve been deep in this work since early 2018), and I’ve learned how to receive and interpret intuitive messages and share them in a way that is uplifting and transformational. One of my favorite ways to receive guidance is by using some sort of oracle card for my starting point, and then I let my intuition guide me to some wisdom from there.

Today’s message is as much for me as it is for all of you who are choosing to read. So thank you for being here, and I’m so excited to share this message with you. Let’s dive right in.

So as I was pulling a card, I set my intention on receiving a little guidance for the highest good of myself and my community, which is you if you’re listening, and I just asked the Universe “What would you like me to know right here and now? What would you like us all to know?” I'm sharing this on my podcast as well, so if you prefer to listen, feel free to head over to Unearth Your Magic to tune in.

Here’s the card I pulled:

(Card from the Illuminated Tarot deck.)

And here's the message that came through:

So, we might all kind of feel like we’re tied by the ankles and hanging upside down right now. Our world is a bit upended. There’s a bit of chaos all around - with the pandemic, the political climate, social injustices, uncertain economy and future. It’s a lot. Maybe you feel like you’ve lost all control of your circumstances. Maybe you feel helpless. For those of us who are empaths or those of us who feel that we are meant to serve and contribute to the highest good of humanity, this may be especially true.

And when I say those of us who are meant to serve or those of us who live to serve, I feel the need to clarify that serving others does not require us to neglect ourselves. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Those of us who truly live to serve know that the best service comes from a place of well-being. So taking care of ourselves is the very first step in serving the world.

When things are as chaotic and messy in the world as they are right now, it’s important that we refine our focus even more - that we give ourselves extra care and attention and love, because the world needs people who are well and aligned and taken care of. And although there are lots of things we can do in our daily lives to contribute to the betterment of our society as a whole, to move our world in the direction of progress, in the direction of healing, there’s also a whole lot we can’t do - a whole lot we don’t have control over - especially in regard to the current pandemic. Hence the feeling of helplessness, right?

But this message that I’m receiving today is that we need to keep returning home to ourselves. We need to keep our hands on our hearts and breathe deeply. We need to surrender. We need to let go of this need for control. We need to TRUST. We need to trust that the Universe is always guiding us in the direction we are meant to go. And believe me, I know it’s not easy. But that’s why I think I keep getting this image of placing our hands over our heart. This is where we need to return. This is where we need to start. This place of self-care and self-compassion. Because as we’re flying through this uncertain time, as we’re moving through this chaos, it may be natural for us to sort of keep grasping at things, right? Reaching for external things that may help us feel grounded, reaching for things that maybe make us feel like we’re helping, reaching for things to help us escape, reaching for things that give us the illusion of control.

But in this moment, it’s important that we continue to bring our hands back to our hearts. That we remember who we are at our core. That we remember why we want to serve, what changes we want to help make in the world and what kind of beauty we want to leave behind. So it’s important right now for us to keep coming back to that, to remain in our heart space and to lead from there. To listen to our heart, to tune in to our higher self and make decisions from that place rather than being influenced by all the noise of the world.

Because, right now especially, there are so many voices out there telling us what work we should be doing, what we shouldn’t be doing, how we can make an impact, how we can create change. And a lot of those voices are wonderful and helpful and have really great ideas and action items for us to be better citizens and better humans and to really help other people. BUT. There’s also a lot of conflicting information out there, so it’s really easy to get lost and confused amongst all the noise. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and feel as if we are being pulled in too many different directions.

But if we return to our heart center, if we return to that quiet place inside of ourselves, we’re going to find that we already have the answers. Our intuition, our highest self, already knows our purpose, our truth. If we listen to that inner wisdom, then we are going to feel guided and supported. We are going to feel so much clarity about what we, as individuals, are meant to be doing in this moment. And I think that’s another important thing we need to remember as well - we need to take this moment by moment. There’s a lot of things we can do to make a great impact in our communities and our society. There’s a lot of good we can do. But what that looks like is going to continue to change as time passes, so we need to continue to check in with ourselves in each moment to see what feels most aligned for us. Because what feels most aligned for us in each moment is going to be what is the best course of action for us to take. Not just for us, but for everything and everyone around us. The most impact will be made when we are all acting from our hearts, when we are acting from that place of alignment.

So, although we might feel like we’re hanging upside down, like we’re tied from our ankles and blindfolded to what comes next, like we’re helpless, it’s important for us to surrender. To trust that everything is moving in the right direction. To trust that the universe has our back. It’s important that we kind of close our eyes and blindly trust that we are being guided. To bring our hands back to our hearts, to bring our awareness back inward, so that we can listen to our intuition, to our highest self, and be guided from that space. And when we trust that the universe has our back, that the universe has our best interests in mind, the best interests of everyone in mind - we can remember that the voice that comes from within us is coming directly from the universe. It’s all connected. So if we trust the universe, that means we trust ourselves. That means we know that no matter what messages we are receiving when we tune into our hearts, it’s okay to follow that, because it comes from a higher, most divine place. It comes straight from the universe.

And just a reminder, once more, to continue to check in with that heart space, because as you continue to grow and evolve as a human, the guidance you receive is also going to shift. Life is never a straight line. There are ups and downs. Sharp turns and detours. Loop-de-loops and all kinds of shenanigans. So it’s important to continually check in and see what aligns in each moment, because it may not be the same as the guidance you received last week, last month, last year. The way we are meant to impact the world is going to change as we journey through life, but if we keep in touch with our intuition, we will be able to grow and shift along with our purpose.

We also have to remember to let go of control. The truth is, we NEVER have control. Sometimes we just convince ourselves that we do. So we just need to let go of that idea and practice trusting the universe and trust that we are being guided. Because when we do that, when we have our hands on our heart, when we close our eyes and trust that we are being guided in the right direction, that’s when we will start to see new growth. When we align with our truest intuition, when we align with our highest self, when we listen to our heart and our inner truth, that’s when the opportunities for more growth, for more learning, for more impact on our world, are going to start to come up in our lives.

I know that there is a lot of anxiety in the collective with everything going on in our world. So wherever you are right now, whatever it is that you are feeling right now - first off, I want you to know that you are not alone. Even just that acknowledgement can sometimes lessen the unease you are feeling. But also, try coming back to yourself. Whatever that means to you. Try coming back to your joy. Try bringing your hands to your heart (literally or metaphorically) and taking true, good care of yourself. Leading from that place of joy, from that place of alignment. Listening to your heart. Doing the things that call to you. Checking in, over and over. Coming back to that heart, over and over. Sharing from that space, over and over.

You will continually be guided toward that next step. You will continually be reminded that it’s safe to trust the universe. That the universe truly does have your back. With your hands on your heart, focusing on yourself, it may feel like you won’t be able to make the changes in the world that you want to make. But the opposite is true. When your hands are on your heart, when you are centered in your truth, that is where all good work, all good service, stems from. With the best intentions, with the most aligned purpose. THAT is how you are going to make the biggest, most beautiful change in the world. The biggest, most beautiful change that YOU are meant to make. So, please, trust that taking care of yourself and doing what feels most aligned for you and acting from that place is going to be the most impactful way for you to show up in the world and make a difference in a way that matters.

Alright, so there you have it. An 11/11 message straight from me to you. Straight from my highest self to yours. Straight from the universe. I hope this resonated with you and that it inspired you to spend a little time journeying inward. If you feel inspired, maybe you take the messages I shared today into your journal for further exploration of how this specifically applies to you. Please feel free to share any insights with me at info@tranquilfern.com or on Instagram at @nicol.eliz. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading. Talk soon.

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