Oh, How Quickly Things Can Change (POEM)

The rain falls hard on the roof above my head,

echoing intensely in my hollow chest.

The tears on my face mimic the rhythm

of the drops as they fall from the sky,

reminding me of my position.

In the darkness. My place beneath the earth.



Forever waiting.

To be released from this prison.

I sleep, and I cry. I wonder, and I wait.

I dream.

I wait.

And then, one morning

as I open my eyes expecting darkness,

my senses are flooded with light.

This unfamiliar glow. Warmth.

The air around me smells new,

and I realize that everything is new.

My life has just begun.

I glance up. I smile. I cry.

Tears of joy. Tears of gratitude.

Grateful for this earth.

Grateful for the rain.

Grateful for the glorious sunshine, warming my face.

Oh, how quickly things can change.

My life has changed,

but there is still much to be done.

I must work. I must grow.

My true blossoming awaits.

These days, I doze off under the sun.

I dance in the rain.

I dream under the stars.

My body grows. Taller. Stronger.

I stretch my limbs toward the sun.

I breathe in your exhales.

I breathe out into your lungs.

The circle of life.

I grow. I stretch. I breathe.

Once again, I wait.

Dreaming for the day of my awakening.

I forget about my gratitude,

as I long for what comes next.

I grow tired of my long, naked limbs.

I grow bored of the sun. The rain.


I sleep. I stretch. I wait.

The next morning, before I even open my eyes,

I sense change. I feel a little strange.

I feel new.

I open my eyes to the world that has grown dull,

and once more, everything has changed.

The prison gates have been opened.

I have been released.

I am born again.

My limbs are no longer naked.

I am clothed in beautiful, silky petals.

The sun feels different today.

I remember the gratitude.

I am awakened.

I am complete.

A beautiful flower.

A gift of this earth.

A treasure. A miracle.

I stand tall. I open my heart.

I smile. I breathe.

Oh, how quickly things can change.

My tears return. Joy. Happiness.

I am finally content.

Sunshine, rain, nighttime quiet.

Birdsong, silence, a gentle breeze.

It’s all the same.

My feet stand firm in the earth beneath me.

I long to take a walk somewhere. Anywhere.

To stretch my limbs. To run away.

The gratitude is gone once more.

I long for a different view. Something new.

I long. I sigh. I wait.

For someone to take me away from this place.

For someone to set me free.

I breathe. I wait.

Oh, how quickly things can change.

The tears dry on my face as the same sun beats down,

day after day.

I glance around for some escape.

And then, I spot her.

A child. Running through the grass.

Soaking up the sun. Making her own breeze.

She is happy. I sense the joy.

I smile, for I know. She is the one.

She is the one I have been waiting for.

I stand tall. I smile.

I shake my lovely petals. Made of silk.

I catch the light, and then I catch her eye.

She smiles. I smile. I wait.

But not for long, as her tiny little feet pound on the earth.

Running to me. Kneeling.

More warmth. Something new.

She wraps her tiny fingers around me.

I feel pressure. A stretch.

Then, all of a sudden, I am released.

From the earth. From my home.

I am new. I am free.

I prepare my heart for the adventure I have been seeking.

I am ready. To take a walk.

To stretch my limbs. To run through the grass and see new things.

To meet a new sun. New rain.

I dream. I wait.

But the only adventure I find

is being tucked away between her hair and her ear.

An accessory. An ornament.

I hold back tears, I grasp onto hope,

as she walks across the earth.

I hope for adventure. I hope for freedom.

Hope that I haven’t just been taken

from one prison only to be moved to the next.

But then, something happens.

I hold my breath as I am plunged into cold water.

Imprisoned once more, this time in a ceramic tower.

On a windowsill.

Forced to say goodbye to the earth.

Goodbye to the rain. Goodbye to my home.

Forced to feel the warmth of the sunshine

only through this pane of glass that separates me from my world.

Oh, how quickly things can change.

What have I wished for? What have I done?

I look around me,

fiercely missing the beauty of my home.

I cry. I cry. I cry.

I long for the blanket of earth and darkness.

I long for the sound of rain echoing in my bones.

I long for the sun on my face.

For the gentle breeze on my naked limbs.

I long for the blossoming. The awakening.

I miss the gratitude.

I dream of the days of sunshine and rain.

And waiting.

I cry as I think of how I wished so badly

to grow and to run away from the only home I’ve ever known.

From my mother, the earth.

And my father, the sun.

From the wind and the rain.

I cry. I long. I regret.

I begin to think that things could not get worse.

What have I done?

But then, I see the face of the small girl.

Gazing deeply into mine.

In awe of my beauty. In love with her new friend.

I breathe in her exhales. She breathes in mine.

I smile. She smiles. We are one.

Tears come again. Joy. Gratitude.

Oh, how quickly things can change.

I realize that life is what I make it.

Beauty is everywhere.

Connection is everywhere.

Adventure is everywhere.

Home is wherever I am because it lives inside of me.

It lives in the sunshine. The rain.

In the breeze. In my petals made of silk.

Home lives in the smile of my tiny new friend.

I breathe. I sigh.

I realize that my ceramic tower full of water is just perfect.

My life is perfect.

Because I am here.

Now. In this moment.

I am breathing and smiling.

I am waiting.

For the next moment and the moment after that.

To express gratitude over and over for everything that is.

I am alive. I am grateful. I am complete.

The sun shines through the glass,


lighting up her face and mine.

I smile. I am home.