Meditate with me, wherever and whenever you desire! These short (under 10 minutes!) guided meditations/visualization exercises will help to ease you into the practice of meditation and self-discovery. Whether you’ve never meditated before or are just looking for some fresh inspiration, these recordings will gently introduce you to the practice, relieve stress, and help deepen your relationship to your Self. We’ve all heard of the wonderful benefits of practicing meditation (reduced stress, improved sleep, & increased focus among many!). Let me guide you in the creation of your very own practice, bringing all of these wonderful benefits directly to you. 


This collection is a little bit different than what I've shared before: it has all the same benefits of a meditation practice, but it also includes elements of general storytelling. I guide you into a visualization exercise inspired by nature and the amazing animals of this planet to help you relax, tune in, and feel inspired. I recommend taking some time to journal after each meditation so that you can further explore the wisdom you discover. And if you aren't really looking for a meditation or journaling practice, these are also great to tune into when you want to hear a cute little story and just have some fun! 


Purchase includes 10 guided meditation recordings that you can come back to over and over, as many times as you’d like. I cannot wait to guide you into the wild, wild world of your own soul! 

Guided Meditations: The Wild Insights Collection

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